Simon Cowell is already up and moving following his recent surgery after a bike accident! As People reports, an exclusive source has shared new details of Cowell's recovery, saying that the America's Got Talent judge is still working even now!

Cowell is "taking it easy but doing well," says source

Cowell isn't letting his back surgery keep him bed bound, and has reportedly already started to be on the move a little! "He’s on his feet and walking around again as much as he can," the source told People. "He’s taking it easy but doing well."

"Simon is already back at work and he’s been working on email on his iPad and speaking to a few on his team," the source also shared. "He’s definitely not letting this slow down all the things he’s got going on."

Cowell "really happy" Kelly Clarkson will be judging AGT

Cowell may be trying to get back into his work again, but he'll still have to sit out judging this week's America's Got Talent live shows! That's why Kelly Clarkson will be stepping in to judge the reality competition. "Simon’s really happy Kelly is standing in for him on AGT this week and grateful to her," the source shared.

Cowell made a statement on Twitter about his injuries on Monday, but the source has revealed new details about the incident! They said that Cowell was with girlfriend Lauren Silverman— as well as their son Eric and Silverman's son Adam— when the accident with his electric bike happened.

Cowell "knows how lucky" he was after back injury

Cowell recognized right away that he had been badly hurt. "Simon knew immediately when he landed that the injuries were serious and something was broken," the source shared with People. "Lauren was able to drop some things he needed off to him briefly today but obviously because of COVID-19 and ensuring everyone there is safe, he isn’t having any visitors."

"He’s said how incredible the doctors and nurses are," the source continued. "He knows how lucky he was with what happened." We're glad to hear that Cowell is on the mend, and hopefully he'll be back to work on AGT in the near future!

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