• Kendrick Lamar continues to fight with Drake
  • Snoop Dogg has spoken out on it
  • He is not a fan of the beef

After an explosive revelation that's shaking the pillars of the rap world, Snoop Dogg has finally spilled the beans on the fiery feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

The hip-hop heavyweight sat down with 'Entertainment Tonight', dishing out his thoughts on the clash that's reignited the spark in the rap game.

Snoop's Surprising Stance!

"Well, the only thing I want to say about that whole scenario is that I want to give both of them a shout-out for raising the bar as far as lyrics, as far as song-making and writing because the writing has been upped since the confrontation or whatever you call it, whatever they went through," the 52-year-old explained to 'Entertainment Tonight.'

"Those are my nephews. I’m not in the middle of it. I support both of them and that’s personal business, not my business," he added, clarfying he did not choose sides. A modulated version of Snoop Dogg’s voice was used by the Toronto artist in the rap beef in "Taylor Made Freestyle."

Despite the heated rivalry, Snoop Dogg maintains a neutral stance, expressing his support for both artists. "Those are my nephews. I'm not in the middle of it.

I support both of them and that's personal business, not my business," he clarified, steering clear of taking sides.

Delving deeper into the impact of the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar saga, Snoop Dogg highlighted how their battle has transformed the industry. "As far as what they did for the industry and the rap game, they made you rap again," he pointed out.

"You can't mumble your way and gimmick your way to a song no more, buddy. So, thank y'all."

The feud, which escalated from alleged sneak disses to full-blown diss tracks, has not only captured the attention of fans but also of rap veterans like Ice Cube and Ice-T, as well as Harlem's Cam’Ron and Ma$e, and Chicago's Common, each sharing their unique perspectives on the battle.

While some industry legends like Ice Cube express concern over the potential dangers of rapper beefs, others, including Common, see it as an incredible battle that's revitalizing the art of rap.

Ice Cube detailed, "I don’t really like seeing rappers beef," after explaining that the results could be deadly. Ice-T took a different approach, explaining, "I’m sorry if I’m not interested in current Rap Beef or random Male Gossip… I’m a HUSTLER."

Snoop Dogg's comments add a new layer to the conversation, emphasizing the positive impact of the feud on the quality of music and lyricism in hip-hop.

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As the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle continues to unfold, it's clear that it's more than just a personal vendetta – it's a catalyst for change in the rap industry, pushing artists to elevate their game.

Stay tuned for more updates on this riveting rap rivalry that's got everyone buzzing