The Devil Wears Prada star Stanley Tucci has just opened up about his family's life since the passing of his wife in 2009 and the impact she had even to this day. 

Stanley Tucci On Losing Wife Kate To Breast Cancer

The Terminal star Stanley Tucci opened up to CBS Sunday Morning about how loss plays a major part in his life since his wife Kate Tucci's passing in 2009. The pair married in 1995 and had 3 children together before she tragically passed away from breast cancer.

Stanley explained, "You never stop grieving. It's still hard after 11 years. It's still hard. And it will always be hard. But you can't let it... and [Kate] would never want any of us to ever wallow in that grief and let it take over our lives. She would never want that. She wasn't like that."

Stanley Tucci and Kate Tucci in 2006.

Stanley loved bringing his major support kate to his countless Hollywood events and the pair had their twins Nicolo and Isabel and their daughter Camilla before Kate died.

When he spoke to NPR a year after she passed away, Stanley said, "There's all the blaming of yourself, which you can't do, but you kind of do. And I'm just, I'm mostly sad."

Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt in 2014.

Stanley eventually married Emily Blunt's sister Felicity Blunt, a literary agent, in 2012. The pair have had 2 children together, Matteo and Emilia. Stanley has worked hard to keep his children's mother's spirit alive and continue to provide them an enriched life that Kate would be proud to see. 

Recently, Stanley has become a viral sensation for sharing his fun cocktail recipes online. His Negroni tutorials became especially popular during the pandemic. Apparently, his wife Felicity was the one who suggested he share his recipes, "She said, 'Would you do a little cocktail thing, just for the Curtis-Brown people? It would be fun, cheer people up.' So I did. And then she said, 'Well, maybe put it on your Instagram.' And then the world changed."

Tucci especially loved the fan responses to his videos. "I mean, some of them were so funny. Filthy, but funny. We laughed so hard, reading them out loud. And they were great, like very flattering too, like really flattering!"

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