• Hollywood is a difficult place to make friends
  • Stars can often get into fights that can end up costing them major consequences
  • These celebs are no longer allowed to work together after an ugly spat

Falling out with a friend in Hollywood is not entirely unheard of. Many friendships have been torn apart due to one incident or another., and the pressures of public life can magnify things and make them worse. The reasons for this phenomenon are sometimes very bizarre...but can you blame these celebs?

These stars certainly know how to throw down!

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey pretty much had a big fight on American Idol. Since then, the two have not worked together. Both ladies are well-known for having a strong personality and the two locked horns on the set of the show regarding how production was going, and how the season was progressing.

Also interesting:

Their altercation became global news, and neither one of them ever returned to the show. Not even as guest stars. Another famous Hollywood fight happened between two leading men. James Franco and Tyrese Gibson had a blowup on the set of Annapolis over Franco's acting techniques...

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