Stephen Colbert has revealed that he's been dealing with a chronic health condition for about a month now! As ET Canada shares, Colbert mentioned in a new interview that he was diagnosed with vertigo a little while ago, and opened up about how it has affected him.

Colbert says he participated in interview "from a very weird angle"

Colbert told Vanity Fair that he's been dealing with "benign positional vertigo" since the weekend of October 26, and the condition nearly seems comical at times. "It’s almost entertaining, until I forget," the host of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert shared. "And then I go to stand up, and then I just fall down. So, I’m coming to you right now from a very weird angle, slightly listing to port."

As ET Canada mentions, according to the medical information website Healthline, Colbert's condition is characterized by "brief periods of mild or intense dizziness" brought on by the "sensation of spinning or swaying." It also shares that those with the condition can find that even moving their head can be enough to trigger it, so it's no wonder that Colbert ended up slightly askew during his conversation!

Stephen Colbert onstage during The Rise of Skywalker panel at the Star Wars Celebration on April 12, 2019.

Colbert's wife encouraged him to do doctor-prescribed exercise

Colbert has also been doing medical exercises prescribed by his doctor to help him deal with his condition. As ET Canada shares, this information was revealed when the late night talk show host's wife, Evie McGee, prompted Colbert to do one such exercise during his interview! "None of that s**t’s made up," Colbert said of his vertigo.

After recording episodes of The Late Show remotely from home for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, Colbert returned to in-studio tapings in August. And in one of the most recent episodes of his show, he was even moved to tears by Dolly Parton!