• Sydney Sweeney starred in 3 major productions in the past year
  • She's 24 years old and landed her first cover for Cosmopolitan 
  • She also has launched her own production company

Sydney Sweeney is making major waves in the industry and has starred in some huge productions, most notably the award-winning TV series, Euphoria

Landing her first cover for Cosmopolitan, Sweeney is opening up about how proud she is of herself, and what it took to get her here! 

Sydney Sweeney is just getting started

While speaking to the outlet, Sweeney noted how proud she feels of herself, and doesn't take for granted the hard work that it took to get her here.

Sydney Sweeney attends the launch of Tom Ford's Ombré Leather Parfum

"It really feels like I’m now able to start the life that I wanted to give to my family. I’m beyond proud of myself," she said to the outlet.

Opening up about her roles in Euphoria, The White Lotus, and The Voyeurs, Sweeney said that she creates "character bibles" that take her months to create.

"There are characters I love, and then there are characters I’m scared of—those are the good ones," she said.

Along with her incredible performances, Sweeney remains busy with her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Productions, and reveals what she's learned behind the camera. 

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She said, "One, how many steps it takes to get something made. There are so many hurdles and passageways and people."

She continued "Two, as much as people in the industry say they support young female voices, I’m still having to fight. I have my theories why."

She went on to further talk about the struggles of sexism in the industry, detailing the discrepancies within female nudity.

"I researched celebrities who have done nude scenes, trying to make myself feel better," she said of The Voyeurs, which featured a graphic nude scene.

"There are hour-long compilations of world-famous male actors with nude scenes who win Oscars and get praised for that work," she said. "But the moment a woman does it, it degrades them. They’re not actresses. They just take off their tops so they can get a role. There’s such a double standard and I really hope I can have a little part in changing that."