• Sydney Sweeney addresses Glen Powell affair rumors
  • During her 'SNL' monologue
  • She declares love for her Fiancé 

Live from New York, it's Sydney Sweeney setting the record straight! The Euphoria sensation turned 'SNL' sensation, Sydney Sweeney, is dishing out the truth and nothing but the truth about those scandalous whispers swirling around her personal life!

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In a night filled with laughter and sharp wit, Sweeney took a moment to tackle the "craziest rumor" head-on. She laughed off the ludicrous claim of an affair with Glen Powell, her Anyone but You co-star, during their rom-com shoot. "That's obviously not true," she exclaimed, with the confidence of a woman who knows her heart. "Me and my fiancé produced the movie together, and he was there the entire shoot."

Sydney Sweeney sets the record straight: Who's really her leading man?

The audience was buzzing as Sweeney gushed over her beau, businessman Jonathan Davino, calling him the "man of my dreams." She beamed, "We're still together and stronger than ever." And guess what? He was right there in the studio, cheering on his leading lady!

But hold your horses—when the camera panned to the crowd, it cheekily landed on Powell, not Davino. "No, that's not my fiancé. He's in my dressing room,” Sweeney clarified, sending the audience into a frenzy of cheers.

The night was ripe with Sweeney-Powell banter, with the 'Top Gun: Maverick' star crashing the “Loud Table” sketch to sweep Sweeney off her feet, leaving 'SNL's Andrew Dismukes in the dust. Talk about art imitating life... or is it the other way around?

Sweeney's love life: Rumors, romance, and keeping it private

Last year, the rumor mill went into overdrive when Sweeney and Powell were spotted cozying up Down Under. But hey, they were just filming, folks! Sweeney shared with Glamour, "It was really hard on Glen, which made me sad." She cares deeply for Powell, but make no mistake—her heart belongs to Davino.

Columbia Pictures' "Anyone But You" New York Premiere

Sweeney's romance with Davino is her little slice of heaven, a sanctuary she keeps away from the prying eyes of the world. "I’m very open [otherwise]. I talk about so much and sometimes it gets me in trouble, but I do try to keep something for me," she confided.

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