Sadly, the death of Tanya Roberts has now been confirmed. The former "Bond Girl" and That '70s Show star died on the night of Jan. 4, following confusion about her condition. TMZ confirmed the news as reported in a statement from her partner. She was 65.

Tanya Roberts had died at age 65

The actress had collapsed on Christmas Eve and ended up in hospital on a ventilator. After that, there was uncertainty about her state of health.

On Monday morning, news broke that Roberts had died the day before, with outlets referencing a statement made by her spokesman. The rep had learned the sad news from the partner of the "Bond Girl," but it turned out to be a premature announcement.

Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts (1955-2021): Sad confusion on her death

Later on Monday, the spokesman made the shocking revision that Tanya Roberts was mistakenly declared dead, as a result of a miscommunication. Tanya's partner Lance O'Brien had visited the actress in the hospital after her collapse.

When Roberts closed her eyes in bed, Lance said he thought she died, and he left the hospital without consulting a doctor. It then came out that the actress was still alive.

But today, O'Brien received a call from the hospital and confirmed that Roberts has indeed passed away. So it's a sad certainty: Tanya Roberts has died at age 65.