Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee Claims Husband Cheated With Cousin

Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee is backtracking on her recent cheating claims, worrying fans that she may reconcile with her husband Josh. Mackenzie has a history of making huge claims and then pretending she didn't so she could return to social media bliss with her husband Josh.

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Just days after posting on Facebook a long and detailed account of Josh's latest affair, Mackenzie has deleted the post and is now downplaying to fans the severity of the situation.


In her original post she said "One week after my mom died when he started leaving and changing his behavior to find he was texting a woman 3-600 times per month and calling her on these night[s] he was "fishing" until 3 am. Obviously another affair. So I go to call the number and it was my close cousin Ashley."

Teen Mom's Mackenzie Mckee Backtracks On Cheating Claims

Now the Teen Mom star is posting that it was "an emotional affair" where Josh would go to her cousin to ask her for advice to "deal with" Mackenzie and that she admits "calling him mean names every day and pushing him away." She is also upset that people are looking for her cousin after Mackenzie specifically named her and her profession.

She even admitted to exaggerating in her original Facebook post when a fan asked her "600 times for advice????" to which she replied "I was a bit dramatic on the number but it was a lot of text. In a time he should have been focusing on getting me help."

Poor Mackenzie has been going through the wringer lately. This season of Teen Mom has been following the tragic loss of her mother and her marital issues with Josh, and she has relentlessly defended Josh for the way he is portrayed on the show and now she learns about his relationship with her cousin. 

Hopefully the tides turn for Mackenzie!

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