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Thirty-eight-year-old Daniel Sharman was born and raised in Hackney, London. The actor always had a passion for acting since he was a child, attending prestigious theatre schools like the Royal Shakespeare Company. 

This is Teen Wolf's Daniel Sharman today

In 2012, Sharman was cast as the werewolf "Isaac Lahey" in the hit supernatural series Teen Wolf. He left the show after two seasons to pursue other acting possibilities. Since then, he had a main role on the show Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel to The Walking Dead

Daniel Sharman stars in Medici: The Magnificent

Up until 2019, the English actor starred in the Italian-British historical drama, Medici: The Magnificent. In it, he portrays the real-life figure of Lorenzo de' Medici. The series was released on Netflix from 2018 to 2019!

Also Interesting:

You can also catch him in the series Cursed, which appeared on Netflix in 2020. You can see him in the 2023 series A Town Called Malice

And no need to fear... even with his long locks, Daniel is still incredibly attractive as he once was in the teen werewolf series!

We can't wait to watch him on Netflix this year!