• The Adam Project is a hit on Netflix
  • Ryan Reynolds meets his younger self in the movie
  • The star now shared a real childhood picture online

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, 45, plays the lead role in the new Netflix film The Adam Project. The sci-fi adventure follows 12-year-old "Adam Reed" who meets his adult self from the future.

While the young "Adam" is played by Walker Scobell, 13, Ryan Reynolds portrays the adult "Adam." But what did the Hollywood star actually look like as a child?

Ryan Reynolds shared a great throwback photo from childhood

Seen above, Ryan Reynolds shared a sweet throwback picture with his dad on Instagram. With crooked bangs and a cheeky grin, young Ryan looks into the camera for a birthday photo. He wouldn't share how old he was in the pic, but he was a cute kid.

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In the meantime, the little boy has become a Hollywood star and family man himself. Ryan Reynolds has been married to Hollywood actress Blake Lively, 34, since 2012 and has three children.

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