During the sixties, Diana Rigg (80) became known worldwide as a quick-witted and emancipated spy "Emma Peel" in the British television series The Avengers. Together with her on-screen partner Patrick Macnee (†93), also known as "John Steed", Diana made the series a long-running hit that has now become timeless classic.

Diana Rigg in The Avengers

Together, the two agents scared off criminals and solved tricky cases. But after only 52 episodes, the astute and sexy agent left the secret service in 1967.

However, Diana Riggs is not only remembered as "Emma". To this day, she is known to fans as the only wife of "James Bond" in Her Majesty's Secret Service. After that, Diana starred in countless series and movies such as Hospital, Diana and Evil under the sun.

Diana Rigg today

In the nineties, Diana celebrated her big stage-comeback. She starred in plays like Medea, Mother Courage and Her Children and Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf. For her achievements, she received three Tony Awards.

She was also appointed Dame of the British Empire in 1994. Even today, the 81-year-old is still successful. Together with her daughter Rachael Stirling, she stood in front of the camera for the cult series Doctor Who.

Diana Rigg on Game of Thrones

From 2013 to 2017, she played the role of the sharp-tongued matriarch "Lady Olenna Tyrell" in the hit show Game of Thrones. Since 2017, she also has been staring in the British series Victoria. For Diana Rigg, retirement does not seem to be an option any time soon!