• Actress Mayim Bialik gained international acclaim in The Big Bang Theory
  • Bialik is active as a director and producer these days as well
  • She is looking forward to several up and coming releases

Mayim Bialik gained international acclaim for her portrayal of "Amy Farrah Fowler". The lovable and quirky neuroscientist that stole the hearts of fans worldwide!. These days, Bialik has moved on to greener pastures in Hollywood, taking on more nuanced roles and bigger productions.

Mayim Bialik is the complete package

In recent years, she has taken on leading roles, including her hit series Call Me Kat, where Mayim plays the lead role of "Kat". The show has been very well-received by audiences all over the world. In fact, season three is set to air in 2023 where she will also be filling in as a producer on the show. Talk about keeping busy!

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But Mayim is more than just an actor. She has been acting since the 1990s, but she also has a flair for things behind the camera. Something that is unbeknownst to most of her fans is that she is also a director and has already put her name on the credits of her own feature films.

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