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The Big Bang Theory "Claire" began appearing on the hit series in 2016 and would have a reoccurring role for all of season nine as well as a guest role in season ten. "Claire" is best remembered for playing "Raj's" love interest during the ninth season.

"Claire" was a character we all loved, she wasn't afraid to speak her mind and could whip up a mean cocktail. She also had future ambitions of making it as a screenwriter. Unfortunately, "Claire" wouldn't stick around for too long, and after a season, "Raj" and "Claire" would call it quits.

The Big Bang Theory: "Claire" Actress

Alessandra Torresani in Caprica Season 1 Episode 9

The Big Bang Theory "Claire" is played by American actress Alessandra Torresani. Torresani would begin her career at the young age of two, studying dancing and singing, and by the age of eight, she landed a gig doing interviews on The WB between cartoons.

Torresani is best known for her time on the sci-fi series Caprica in the role of "Zoe Graystone". Torresani has also had smaller roles on a number of other series including:

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Alessandra Torresani Today

Since her time on The Big Bang Theory ended in 2017, Alessandra Torresani has kept busy guest-starring in even more roles on the series Lucifer and Batwoman. The 35-year-old actress also holds a black belt in taekwondo!

We sure are sad "Raj" and "Claire" didn't work out as we would have loved to see more of Alessandra Torresani on the show! In the meantime, you can keep up with Alessandra Torresani on her podcast EmotionAL Support. We look forward to seeing what The Big Bang Theory's "Claire" will do next!