What Did Pablo Medina Do Before 'The House of Flowers'?

Juan Pablo Medina
November 17, 2020 - 21:36 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

Almost 20 years ago, the handsome Mexican American actor Juan Pablo Medina began his acting career. Now he is one of the most attention-grabbing talents in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The House of Flowers. What were the first roles he had? What made him stand out? Here we break down Pablo Medina's on-screen history.

Born October 22nd, 1977, in Arlington, Virginia, Juan Pablo Medina was interested in acting from a very young age. By the time he was 14 he had already been taking a few acting workshops and had been exposed to artistic talent in his family. It was this interest that destined him for greatness.

The House of Flowers: What Did Pablo Medina Do Before?

In 2001 Medina landed a spot in a few telenovelas like When Will You Be Mine and What We Women Keep Quiet About. Like any great actor he forged his career and honed his acting skills on Mexican television with carious roles in soap operas like Fall in Love, Looking for a Man, and Eternally Yours

Juan Pablo Medina

Juan Pablo Medina's Career in Film

Juan Pablo Medina broke onto the big screen via a film directed by Alejandro Gamboa, La Segunda Noche in 2001. He then worked with renowned Mexican directors like Carlos Carrera in Zero and Four Go, and Luis Estrada in The Perfect Dictatorship

Because of his impressive acting ability, he also caught the attention of famed Latin actors, producers, and directors like Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. He worked with them in Deficit and Sr. Pig, respectively. Pablo stands out in his roles in The Immoral Life of the Ideal Partner, Fantastic Single Thirty-Something, and his most recent comedy Guadalupe Reyes.

Juan Pablo Medina

His Work on TV

Juan Pablo Medina was a part of many projects after gaining a lot of attention on I'm Your Fan like Deep Drainage, I Fight as a Family, Blue Demon, and Ungovernable

In 2020, he also began working on the theater production Dad Wanted which unfortunately had to be put on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Juan Pablo Medina

Now Juan Pablo Medina is someone who has a solid career in both the film and television industry and even building a background in theater productions as well! He is a humble actor who keeps his dreams firm and does not allow social networks to affect his work like he let be known in his interview with Alejandro Carrillo for Brand PR Digital Magazine

"Personally for me, fame is something else and I don't even think it's in that place. Obviously social networks bring people much closer together and in a certain way it may or may not make you more vulnerable... I think everything is subjective and very personal. In the end, you have to be who you are and stand up for what you do."

Without a doubt, you have to follow this incredible actor!