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'The King of Queens': SHE Almost Played "Carrie"

See who almost played "Carrie" in The King of Queens!

Before Leah Remini played in the classic 90's-2000's sitcom, The King of Queens, "Carrie Heffernan" was actually supposed to be played by someone else - a well-known comedian in fact! Find out who it is in the video above!

Leah Remini isn't just known for her outspoken facts on the controversial topic of Scientology, but she's also especially known for her role in The King of Queens, a sitcom that lasted for nine whole years. Imagine who this actor was originally slated to portray "Carrie" in the series... watch the video to find out more!

Leah Remini played "Carrie" in The King of Queens

Leah Remini at the 44th Annual Gracie Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, 2019