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"Ryan Bailey Howard" had an incredible rise and fall during his time working for (and being fired from) Dunder Mifflin. The actor behind the temp, B. J. Novak, was actually a head writer for the show as well! What is B. J. up to today?

B. J. Novak From The Office: Rise To Fame

Benjamin Joseph Manaly Novak was born July 31st, 1979 in Newton, Massachusetts to a brilliant Jewish family. His father was a successful author, even ghostwriting memoirs for famous folks like Nancy Reagan and Magic Johnson. B. J. graduated from Harvard University in 2001 majoring in English and Spanish literature.

He went on to move to Los Angeles to perform stand-up comedy. Novak even became one of Ashton Kutcher's main accomplices for his show Punk'd. Producer of The Office Greg Daniels watched B. J. perform stand-up and cast him as hilariously selfish "Ryan Howard" in his show. Not only was he cast but he was one of the original writers for the show along with his co-stars Mindy Kaling ("Kelly Kapoor"), Michael Shur ("Mose Schrute"), and Paul Lieberstein ("Toby Flenderson"). His writing for the hit comedy even won him a Writers Guild of America award!

"Ryan" From The Office Today

B. J. went on to continue acting in films like Saving Mr. Banks, The Founder, Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards, and even has been featured multiple times on his close friend/co-star/ex-girlfriend Mindy Kaling's show The Mindy Project

Today he is also a critically acclaimed author for his works One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories and The Book With No Pictures which has been on the New York Times Picture Books list for 4 years straight. Novak is collaborating with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions for a horror thriller called Vengeance starring himself, Issa Rae, Boyd Holbrook, and his old pal Ashton Kutcher!

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He and co-star Mindy Kaling used to date on and off during the filming of The Office, much like their characters "Ryan and Kelly." Although the two are no longer a couple, they remain very close, frequently working on projects together and escorting each other to events. Novak is even the godfather of Kaling's sweet little daughter

We can't wait to see what B.J. has in store for us next!