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Short red hair and a ponytail: these are the trademarks of "Beth Harmon" in the Netflix miniseries The Queen's Gambit. Those traits, however, are far from actress Anya Taylor-Joy's natural appearance—so it's hardly surprising that she is barely recognizable in real life.

"Beth" in The Queen's Gambit: Actress Anya Taylor-Joy

Taylor-Joy is actually not a redhead at all, but a blonde. Her hair is not short either but typically reaches far past shoulder length. In The Queen's Gambit, she does, however, show off her doe-eyed look, which she's become known for as a horror and drama actress.

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The Queen's Gambit is about orphan "Elizabeth Harmon," who grew up in 1950s Kentucky. At the orphanage, she discovers her passion for chess and wants to prove herself at the game, which at the time was dominated by men.

But in the home, "Beth" also became dependent on medication. This led to struggles on the one hand, but intensified her obsession with chess on the other hand. The story of the chess genius is told in a seven-episode miniseries, which premiered in October 2020.

Anya Taylor-Joy's career: Her movies and TV shows

For Anya Taylor-Joy, "Beth" is far from a breakout role, though it's now giving her wider exposure. In 2015, she had her international breakthrough with art-horror film The Witch. The actress then worked on projects such as Morgan, Thoroughbreds, and Split plus its sequel Glass.

Anya Taylor-Joy

In 2020 she was not only seen in The Queen's Gambit, but also as the heroine of the Jane Austen film adaptation of Emma. Anya has already been nominated for a BAFTA and won the Gotham Award for Best Young Actress for her memorable performance in The Witch.

The sky is the limit for this 28-year-old actress, who has many exciting projects in the works!