'The Thorn Birds': Bryan Brown And Rachel Ward Evacuated Their Farm

The Thorn Birds stars Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward were evacuated from their home.
November 20, 2019 - 17:26 / Clemens Fanger

A real shock for the stars of The Thorn Birds. Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward's farm is situated really close to devastating forest fires which led to an evacuation for them and a whole wedding party! Get the full story here...

Bryan Brown (72) and Rachel Ward (62), stars of the famous mini series The Thorn Birds, live in the Australian region of Nambucca. Their daughter Matilda Brown's (32) wedding ceremony was supposed to take place on their farm on Saturday November 16.

But everything did NOT go according to plan. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the entire family had to be evacuated from the farm. The wedding ceremony of Matilda and Scott Gooding was postponed and eventually took place in Sydney instead.

The Thorn Birds: The couple and their children are doing well

The groom, Scott Gooding, said in a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald: "The family is safe and that is the most important thing." The fires were raging in the immediate vicinity of the family's home.

"But a house 300 meters away from where we were planning to get married was lost in the fires, we really had no choice but to move it given what has happened up there," Scott Gooding continued.

The Thorn Birds: The stars were evacuated to the city

The terrible forest fires have destroyed 64 homes all through New South Wales in the last week.

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The stars of The Thorn Birds as well as their children are safe in Sydney for now. It is still unclear when these terrible, raging fires will be under control, as new record temperatures were reached in Australia today...

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