As catholic priest "Ralph de Bricassart" in the 1980's mini-series The Thorn Birds, Richard Chamberlain (86) wowed generations of viewers. The series told the tragic tale of the taboo relationship between Chamberlain's character and "Meggie Cleary" (Rachel Ward, 62, and the priest ultimately has to choose between religion and love.

Chamberlain received one of his three Golden Globes for his performance in The Thorn Birds, and so it was only fitting for him to star in the TV film The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years in 1996. 

Rachel Ward and Richard Chamberlain in 'The Thorn Birds'.

Richard Chamberlain: A truly talented actor

Chamberlain was cast in his first big roles in the seventies. He is one of Tinseltown's most versatile actors having starred in roles as different "Aramis" in The Three Musketeers (1973) to secret agent "Jason Bourne" in the TV film The Bourne Identity (1988).

Since the early noughties, Chamberlain has been more selective of his roles, but has still made numerous guest appearances on various popular TV shows, including THE series for all those entranced by Hollywood's thriving plastic surgery scene, Nip/Tuck (2006).

Even though Chamberlain is known for his TV and film roles, the now 86-year-old has always had a passion for stage acting, and has starred in various productions, including My Fair Lady and Spamalot (2009).

Richard Chamberlain back in 2017.

Richard Chamberlain: "Ralph de Bricassart" today

The award-winning actor had a very private relationship Martin Rabbett and the couple lived in Hawaii until they filed for divorce in 2010 after thirty-three years of marriage. He decided to return to Los Angeles in 2010 to work as an actor full-time.

Richard Chamberlain in 'Finding Julia' (2019).

He has guest-starred in the new season of Twin Peaks, the short film The Black Ghiandola as well as in the 2019 movie Finding Julia. In 2020, he will star in the drama Echoes of the Past alongside Max von Sydow.

Rachel Ward Richard Chamberlain The Thorn Birds 1983

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