Judy Norton (61) became a household name in 1971 when the TV film The Homecoming – A Christmas Story was first released, in which she played Mary Ellen Walton. For nine seasons, she was known globally as the cheeky eldest daughter of America’s most famous TV family, the Waltons.

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She went on to star in two more films about the Walton family's exploits, A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain and Mother’s Day on Walton’s Mountain. Having left Mary Ellen behind her, she went on to pose for Playboy magazine, proving to fans everywhere that Judy was certainly anything but a little girl any more.

Judy Norton Taylor: Her career after The Waltons 

Norton was rarely seen on TV after The Waltons, although she was cast in a few supporting roles in series such as Stargate and Cold Squad. She eventually moved to Canada with her husband Randy Apostle, whom she was married to from 1991 until 2001, and they managed two theaters together, as well as bringing up a son. Today, Judy has made a name for herself as a singer and gives regular performances, as well as appearing in musicals such as Annie Get Your Gun.

She still acts sporadically, and has appeared in the TV shows Disorganized Zone and Bluff in recent years, even directing a couple of episodes of the latter. Norton has been married to Robert Graves since 2002. 

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