• Jeff Bridges was diagnosed with cancer a little over two years ago
  • Bridges was fortunately able to conquer the disease
  • The actor recently talked about how he is doing today

It hasn't been an easy time for acting legend Jeff Bridges: In October 2020 he was diagnosed with cancer. Almost a year later, he announced that he was on the mend. During a video call as part of his new FX series The Old Man, Bridges shared how he is currently doing.

Bridges opens up about his cancer recovery

Bridges has said he's feeling "great" – a message that puts everyone at ease. The production of The Old Man had to be stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic and Bridges' illness and therapy. In the video call, he expressed his gratitude to the team of the show:

"As for me, FX and the whole team were so considerate and gave me the time I needed to recover and the support I needed," Bridges said. "The protocols - we were still in COVID - made me feel very safe and looking forward to getting down to business and playing."

Jeff Bridges 

In the series, Bridges plays former secret service agent and fugitive "Dan Chase," who is on the heels of an assassin. To make matters worse, "Dan" also suffers from Alzheimer's in the early stages. Due to his cancer, Bridges was able to bring some of his own experience to his role.

Also interesting:

"At times like these it seems like all your philosophies and spirituality come to you. That tests you. All of that has matured even more through this experience," Bridges said. It's fortunate that he has ended up becoming one of the stars who has beaten cancer!

(Source: BANG Showbiz)