Did you know that Julia Roberts has a famous brother - Eric Roberts - AND a famous niece? Brother and actor Eric (seen in The Dark Knight) and his former wife Kelly Cunningham gave birth to the beautiful Emma Roberts. She was blessed with both the acting genes and the million-dollar smile!

This is Julia Roberts niece: Emma Roberts  

Born on February 10th, 1991 in New York, Emma knew she wanted to act from a young age. She would visit her famous aunt on set as a young child and was immediately immersed into the film world. 

She even stated in an interview with Queen Latifah on visiting auntie Julia at work at 7-years old:

"You would have to drag me off set. (...) I remember I was on Erin Brockovich, that set, a lot and, you remember all her costumes in that movie? They were very scandalous. I would always sneak into the trailer and put them on."

By the time she was 9, she was already cast in the drug-movie Blow with Penélope Cruz and Johnny Depp. From there, she landed bigger roles in films like Aquamarine (2006), Nancy Drew (2007), and even acted in the same film with Julia in Valentine's Day (2010).

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Emma Roberts Today

Since 2013, Emma has been in five seasons of the hit series American Horror Story. She also starred in the TV series Scream Queens for two seasons, another horror show directed by AHS creator Ryan Murphy.  

So far, Emma hasn't been confirmed to be apart of the 10th season of AHS, but it may be due to the fact she's working on other films in the meantime. The horror-thriller film, The Hunt, was just released this past March, and she has a rom-com film called Holidate currently in post-production. 

Check out Emma hanging with her beloved aunt Julia!

And for a real '90s throwback...

We just can't get over how identical that smile is! Maybe one day we'll be lucky enough to see them cast together in another film!

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