• Milo Ventimiglia is amrried
  • He wed in a secret ceremony
  • Learn more about the wedding here

Milo Ventimiglia is a married man! The couple, who were first linked last year, have kept their relationship under wraps, making this surprise wedding a Hollywood scoop!

Love Nest in Malibu

The newlyweds have been spotted in California after Ventimiglia purchased a ranch home in Malibu in the summer of 2022. It seems the couple is enjoying their newly married life in their love nest, away from the public eye.

Ventimiglia’s Thoughts on Family Life

Ventimiglia, who played the beloved patriarch "Jack Pearson" on 'This Is Us,' shared back in March 2017 that the role made him contemplate his future. He said, "It doesn’t make me want to have a family any more than I think I’m built to want a strong family unit. It will happen when it happens. I’m not out seeking it."

Interestingly, Ventimiglia's new wife shares the same surname as his famous TV character, "Jess Mariano", from the cult classic 'Gilmore Girls.' Fans of the show have been deeply invested in "Jess's" love life for years, making this real-life romance a hot topic among them!

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Ventimiglia's Final Thoughts on "Rory" and "Jess"

Ventimiglia reflected on his 'Gilmore Girls' character's relationship with "Rory Gilmore" (Alexis Bledel) during a September 2021 podcast appearance, saying, "I think "Jess" and "Rory", I think they were what they needed from the moment, from each other and at the same time, it didn’t work out."

Regardless, we are very happy for actor Milo Ventimiglia!