• Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz have dated for two years
  • Reports say they just got engaged
  • THIS is what we know so far

A big Hollywood wedding is coming for the couple. That's right, the dynamic duo who first sparked romance rumors in 2021 are now officially engaged, according to exclusive sources from 'People.' 

The couple was spotted over the Halloween weekend, leaving a party in high spirits. Kravitz, dressed as "Rosemary Woodhouse" from the classic 1968 horror movie 'Rosemary's Baby', was seen flaunting what appeared to be a shiny new engagement ring. 

Channing and Zoe are ready to take things up a notch

The couple, who have been dating for the last two years, were spotted at Kendall Jenner's Halloween party in Los Angeles on 28 October. It was at this star-studded event that Kravitz apparently flaunted her sparkling engagement ring. Talk about a spooky surprise!

In a recent interview for GQ's 2022 Men of the Year issue, Kravitz couldn't help but gush about her beau. "He makes me laugh and we both really love art and talking about art and the exploration of why we do what we do," she said. Sounds like a match made in Hollywood heaven!

Their love story began on the set of Kravitz's directorial debut 'Pussy Island', where Tatum played the role of her on-set guardian. "He really was my protector and it was really wonderful and sweet," she shared. An insider told 'People', "Channing is serious about Zoë. It's not a casual relationship," added the source.

The engagement ring reveal happened at none other than Kendall Jenner's Halloween party. Kravitz, dressed as Iris, and Tatum, donning the get-up of "Travis Bickle" from the 1976 Martin Scorsese movie 'Taxi Driver', were the talk of the town.

A timeline of love

Their relationship timeline is filled with sweet moments, from bonding with Tatum's daughter Everly to supporting each other at movie premieres.

The couple has been inseparable, and their love for each other is evident in their public appearances and social media posts.

In August 2021 while working on her directorial debut. At the time, Kravitz was spotted riding on the back of his motorcycle on the streets of New York.

And their romance quickly went vroom-vroom—with her later sharing that she had felt affection toward Tatum long before they met. With their engagement now public, fans are eagerly waiting for wedding bells. As they continue to work on 'Pussy Island', their love story is sure to inspire many more romantic tales in Hollywood.

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"I felt, even from afar, before I knew him, that he was a feminist and that he wasn't afraid of exploring that darkness, because he knows he's not that," Zoe told 'WSJ Magazine' in 2022 when asked about casting Channing in her film. "That's why I was drawn to him and wanted to meet with him. And I was right."

"When you make things with people it's a very sacred space, and when you're compatible with somebody creatively it often opens up other channels, because you're kind of sharing all of yourself," she said. "I'm really grateful that this movie has brought him into my life that way."

And now it looks like, they are going to spend the rest of life together. Let's wish the two lovebirds all the success in Hollywood.