• Channing Tatum to star in Zoë Kravitz's directorial debut 
  • Tatum said he told her not to appear in the film 
  • Tatum and Kravitz have been dating since last year

Channing Tatum didn't want Zoë Kravitz to appear in her next project, but he had a good reason! The actor recently told Variety about the advice he gave his girlfriend before she started work on Pussy Island, which will see her direct for the first time.

Tatum says that Kravitz is "a perfectionist"

Tatum is set to star in Kravitz's movie, which has been described as a thriller. But even though the two are together in real life, he urged Kravitz not to join him on-screen! That's because Tatum recently took on double duty as actor and director for his movie Dog and realized how much work it was.

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He explained that Kravitz is "a perfectionist in the best possible way," and knew the extended time required for the shoot would be demanding on her. Thankfully, she decided to listen to his advice! And while she won't be appearing in Pussy Island, Kravitz can be seen taking on the role of "Catwoman" in next month's The Batman.

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Tatum hasn't appeared on-screen for several years because he "wanted to take a breather" from acting. but he has quite a few exciting future projects lined up! Aside from Dog and Pussy Island, he'll be in the highly anticipated third Magic Mike movie and adventure comedy The Lost City.