• Eva Mendes was a big movie star in the 2000s
  • She suddenly left Hollywood several years ago
  • Eva now returned to social media and here's why

Eva Mendes, 48, is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in Hollywood. The pretty brunette thrilled her fans in numerous movies such as Hitch and already modelled for fashion and perfume brands like Calvin Klein.

But the actress and mother-of-two has gone quiet for a long time. She has been away from the film industry for many years to concentrate on her role as a parent. We haven't seen Eva Mendes in a film since 2014's Lost River.

Eva Mendes left it all behind – including social media

Eva Mendes rarely posts on social media anymore either. In an interview with Forbes magazine, she explains why she withdrew from her social media pages. "I just started feeling really phony before I took a break from Instagram and Facebook," she explained.

She said she no longer felt like herself, because she began looking in her daily life for "content" to post. "Everything is content, and I started going about my day going like, 'Oh, can this be content? Can this be content?'"

Also interesting:

Eva Mendes realized that this was not the right path for her and said goodbye to social media. But the partner of Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling recently got back on Instagram... And the reason why is surprising: a passion for cleaning!

During the pandemic, Mendes got more involved with home hygiene, she told Forbes. For her, cleaning is a form of "mental wellness," and in the process she came across a special kitchen sponge.

She was so enthusiastic about the sponges by the brand "Skura Style" that she contacted the company. Eva Mendes ended up becoming co-owner of the brand and is finally delighting her social media followers again – but now on her own terms.

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