Tiger King's Joe Exotics Alleged Hitman Arrested

Tige King's Joe Exotic has always maintained his innocence at least when it comes to the alleged "hire hit" on Carole Baskin. He has made a few logical reasons why he wouldn't dare hire Allen Glover whom he didn't trust and had a bad relationship with to get pesky Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue out of the way. Allen Glover, a friend of Joe's enemy Jeff Lowe has claimed he was hired and paid by Joe to do just that. 

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Allen made it clear to TMZ that he had a grudge against Joe and wanted to get back at him saying "I wish I coulda done more to him, I do." Joe is now behind bars convicted for his alleged hit against Carole Baskin and countless other crimes done against his tigers and the hitman who has admitted to being willing to do the hit for money had served no repercussions is now in jail himself! 

He was caught inebriated outside of a strip club in Oklahoma by the Valley Brook police department blowing a .26 blood alcohol level (the legal limit to drive is .08). The officer performed a series of tests before Allen admitted he was not in a state to safely operate a car. He was charged with DUI related charge APC (actual physical control) since he was not driving when he was caught but he was behind the will with the intent to drive.