Ashley Martson is an American reality television star born on May 2nd, 1986. She rose to fame when she appeared on TLC's 90 Day Fiancé with Jay Smith during the sixth season of the show. Ashley met Jay when she was down in Jamaica for a friend's wedding and he looked her up on social media after she returned home. She travelled back to Jamaica once more to visit him, and that's when he proposed.

Ashley Martson is a model

Ashley and Jay's marriage didn't last however and just recently they have split for good. Martson reportedly caught Smith cheating on her for the second time and just couldn't take it anymore. Ashley seems to be focusing on her children, her modeling career and her career as a social media influencer now that she has split from Jay.

Ashley Martson has two children

Although Ashley doesn't post much about her children, she had them both before she ever met Jay Smith. It appears that Jay has moved on and is in a relationship with someone new, while there are no reports that Ashley is seeing anyone at this time. We wish her nothing but the best and hope that she finds what she's looking for very soon!

Facts About Ashley Martson:

-She was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus

-She has two children

-According to The Richest, her net worth is approximately $600,000

-She promotes several products on her Instagram page

-Ashley has 273k followers on Instagram