Robyn Brown is technically the only legal wife of polygamist Kody Brown, as polygamy is an illegal practice both in the U.S. and the U.K. Yet, Robyn wasn't the official first wife of Kody- he was initially married to Meri, until he divorced her in order to adopt the kids of Robyn from her previous marriage. Yes, a lot of information to handle if you've only seen a handful of episodes from this wild show!

This is TLC's Robyn Brown today

Robyn Brown actually has her own jewelry line, My Sisterwife’s Closet, which she manages with her 3 other 'sisters'. In fact, despite jealousy issues that they've all admitted to, the sisters seem to be getting along pretty well at a recent dinner they all had together... without their 18 kids. 

Sister Wives is coming back for a new season

Robyn Brown and co. will also be reappearing for the 14th season of Sister Wives, starting in January 2020. This will mark the 10th year of the controversial series, with many of their kids just starting college and also getting married! 

Today, Robyn and her husband and 'sisters' now live in Arizona, having previously resided in Nevada and Utah. We'll have to see what drama happens next in the lives of these wives starting next month!

The cast of 'Sister Wives'

He is very active on social media!

TLC's 'Sister Wives': Where is Kody Brown Today?