• Tom Hanks and Robin Wright are back
  • 'Here' is the new visionary movie
  • THIS is what fans can expect

In a dazzling display of cinematic magic, Tom Hanks and Robin Wright join forces once again, taking audiences on a whirlwind journey through time in Robert Zemeckis' groundbreaking film, 'Here'.

A Blast from the Past to the Future!

Brace yourselves for an adventure that stretches the boundaries of storytelling and visual effects, as Hanks and Wright navigate the ebbs and flows of life, love, and the inevitable passage of time.

The camera never budges. It doesn’t zoom and never even turns. What does move—and rather quickly—is time. More than a century of life in one American living room plays out during the brisk 104-minute story.

"The single perspective never changes, but everything around it does," Zemeckis tells 'Vanity Fair' in this exclusive first look.

"It’s actually never been done before. There are similar scenes in very early silent movies, before the language of montage was invented. But other than that, yeah, it was a risky venture."

'Here' stands as a testament to the relentless evolution of film technology, with Hanks portraying Richard, a baby boomer who not only ages into his late 80s but also revisits his youth in the 1960s.

Thanks to a mix of traditional makeup and cutting-edge digital de-aging effects, audiences will witness the transformation of Hanks back into the baby-faced star reminiscent of his 'Bosom Buddies' days.

Wright, playing Margaret, Richard's teenage sweetheart turned wife, also undergoes a series of age-defying changes, proving that true love knows no bounds, nor ages.

Zemeckis, a visionary director known for pioneering digital performances in films like 'The Polar Express' continues to push the envelope with 'Here'. Addressing the challenges of the "uncanny valley", where characters can appear eerily unreal, Zemeckis and his team have refined their techniques to create a seamless, believable experience.

"It's all about serving the character arc," Zemeckis asserts, emphasizing the importance of performances that resonate with authenticity and heart.

The success of these age-defying transformations, according to Zemeckis, lies in the stellar performances of Hanks and Wright.

One thing Zemeckis says he has learned is that successfully cracking the transformation is as much about the voices as the visuals. "It only works because the performances are so good," he says.

"Both Tom and Robin understood instantly that, ‘Okay, we have to go back and channel what we were like 50 years ago or 40 years ago, and we have to bring that energy, that kind of posture, and even raise our voices higher. That kind of thing."

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The duo dove deep, channeling their younger selves with such precision that their portrayals transcend mere visual effects.

"Both Tom and Robin understood instantly that we have to bring that energy, that kind of posture, and even raise our voices higher," Zemeckis reveals, highlighting the dedication required to bridge the gap between past and present.