Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have shared a number of updates since they announced a positive test for the coronavirus (COVID-19). They're currently quarantined in Australia, where Hanks was filming a movie at the time. On Sunday morning, the actor posted a new update that thanks his helpers and reminds everyone to take care. 

Coronavirus: Tom Hanks's latest Instagram update

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Hanks's new post focuses on those who are aiding people quarantined with the disease. "Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other," the caption of the new post reads. The photo includes a small kangaroo toy with an Australian flag, a plate of food, and a tube of Vegemite. It's likely that the couple's helpers provided these small items.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson are "taking it one-day-at-a-time"

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Hanks and Wilson have remained in good spirits while they battle the disease. They've offered several updates, which have included jokes and movie references. The social media world is following along with their recovery on Instagram.

Best wishes to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson as they continue their quarantine and make a full recovery. Follow Tom and Rita on Instagram to send them your own well wishes.