Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's talent has trickled down through their children like Fargo star Colin Hanks and Empire star Chet Hanks. Unfortunately, Chet Hanks has a scandal-ridden history.

Chet Hanks' Explosive Relationships

Chet Hanks has a history of drug abuse and scandalous behavior but does his best to clean himself up since his rehab stint. He has been able to maintain major on-screen roles like in Empire and Your Honor

But now he is back in hot water for his new fashion line called "White Boy Summer" that celebrates "white boys" like him. After facing much backlash for it he also created a line titled "Black Queen Summer." On top of this, he often takes criticism for his excessive use of a Jamaican accent. 

Chet Hanks in 'Tales'.

TMZ has also just released footage from January that appears to have been filmed by Chet himself. In the footage, Chet and his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker are in a shouting match that ended with blood running down Chet's face. 

According to Chet, his ex had been "stealing my money. Taking my credit cards and charging her rent to 'em." He alleges that when he "caught her" she attacked him "with a knife" which Kiana and the witnesses in the video deny. Kiana in the video can be heard shouting "You pushed me!" and knocks the phone out of Chet's hand.

Kiana's attorney alleges that Kiana was at Chet's Texas home collecting her things after their breakup when Chet became aggressive and antagonized her and even grabbed a knife in "a menacing way." Chet's well-known Hollywood attorney Marty Singer told TMZ, "It is all on video and the undisputed video tells the whole story. Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional."

Both Kiana and Chet have filed restraining orders against each other and Kiana's attorney told TMZ that she has been trying to serve Chet the restraining order and went so far as to reach out to his famous parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson to get help make the restraining order permanent. 

Chet dubs himself the "black sheep" of the Hanks family and posts to Instagram photos of black sheep among white sheep. He has ranted on social media saying how it is difficult being the "black sheep" when his father is "America's dad" and the pressure overwhelms him. 

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