Oscar-winning actor William Hurt passed away today. His son announced the sad news to The Hollywood Reporter. Hurt died on March 13 following a battle with cancer, but the cause of death is not yet confirmed. He was only 71.

Actor William Hurt has died at age 71

William Hurt began acting in the 1970s and quickly became a trusted and acclaimed screen talent. He was one of the biggest film stars of the '80s, and he later became known for roles in superhero and science fiction films.

Hurt's debut film was Altered States, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination in 1980. He then starred in Body Heat before earning Oscar nominations in three consecutive years.

In 1985, Kiss of the Spider Woman won him the Oscar for Best Actor, followed by nominations for Children of a Lesser God and Broadcast News. He later picked up a Best Supporting Actor nod for A History of Violence in 2005.

A prolific film star, William Hurt also appeared in five Marvel movies as "Thaddeus Ross" and other popular titles like A.I., The Village, Robin Hood, and Into the Wild.

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In television, Hurt had celebrated parts on series including Damages, Beowulf, Goliath, and Mythic Quest. He earned two Emmy nominations and another two from the Golden Globes for his TV work.

William Hurt was born in Washington, D.C., in 1950. In 2018, it was announced that he'd been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, which had spread to his bones.

Hurt kept acting but has now sadly passed. He died just a week before his 72nd birthday at his home in Portland, Oregon, according to his son's announcement.