• John Ventimiglia is best known from The Sopranos
  • John is currently in mourning 
  • His daughter Odele died on January 12 

It's never easy to report on these kinds of stories. Even our favorite celebrities have to deal with the grief of the sudden loss of a family member. And when it's your son or daughter, it always hurts more! The Sopranos star John Ventimiglia, who played restaurant owner "Artie Bucco" on the series has lost his daughter Odele.

John can rely on his family to see him through

Odele suddenly died at the age of 25 for reasons that are still unknown. And perhaps, that is the worst part of it all. This was confirmed by John's wife Belina on Facebook who explained that Odele died on January 12th.

Also interesting:

Odele's sister Lucinda also commented on the heavy loss with these emotional words on Instagram: "Words will never be enough to express the sadness we all feel [...]"

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