• Taylor Swift cheers on NFL beau Travis Kelce
  • As Chiefs clinch Super Bowl spot
  • They share a victory kiss

The Kansas City Chiefs' sensational victory over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship was not just a win for the team, but also a touchdown for romance! NFL star Travis Kelce (34) and pop icon Taylor Swift (34) sealed the deal with a kiss that set the field ablaze!

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As the Chiefs basked in the glory of their triumph at M&T Bank Stadium, all eyes were on the lovebirds. Swift, the 12-time Grammy-winning sensation, made her grand entrance onto the field, where she found Kelce amidst a sea of teammates and flashing cameras. The couple shared a heartwarming kiss, under the watchful eyes of Kelce's proud parents, Donna and Ed Kelce.

The tight end was buzzing with excitement, echoing the Beastie Boys' anthem "You've got to fight/ for your right/ to party," a sentiment he famously quoted after last year's Super Bowl win. Swift, ever the supportive girlfriend, was spotted chuckling as Kelce whipped the Chiefs Kingdom into a frenzy, all set for another shot at the Super Bowl glory.

Heartwarming moments beyond the win

The love fest didn't stop there! Swift was caught on camera during the Chiefs' ceremony, giving a standing ovation to head coach Andy Reid. And the brotherly love was strong too, as Travis shared a moment with his brother, Jason Kelce (36), the Philadelphia Eagles center, who donned his "Big Yeti" shirt in support, adding a layer to his viral shirtless ensemble from last week.

Kelce, alongside quarterback Patrick Mahomes, led the Chiefs to a 17-10 victory against the Ravens, marking their consecutive journey to the Super Bowl after clinching the Vince Lombardi Trophy last year. But it wasn't just about the team's win; Kelce also surpassed NFL legend Jerry Rice for the most postseason catches in history—a monumental personal victory!

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