Tyler Cameron is one of the most loved and most handsome men to make the final two on The Bachelorette. He didn't find love with Hannah Brown, however shortly after the show finished airing, fans learned that he had been spending some time with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Tyler Cameron Upgrades 

The pair were spotted hanging out at several spots in New York City and now, Tyler Cameron has just moved into a luxury high-rise building in NYC to be closer to Gigi. He moved from living on a futon on the floor in an Upper West Side apartment to a gorgeous high-rise in the Lower east Side. Talk about an upgrade. 

Tyler appears to be moving in with his best friend Matt James, who he met while playing football together at Wake Forest University. They work alongside one another at the charity ABC Food Tours, which James founded. 

Tyler Cameron Shares His Move On Instagram

Tyler Cameron posted a picture to his Instagram (along with many stories) of him sitting in a black turtleneck with his hair parted down the middle (a new trend maybe?) crossing his legs and posing in front of his new impressive view. Not only is this apartment an upgrade, it is also closer in proximity to Gigi Hadid's homebase. The pair confirmed they are a couple in September after they were photographed attending the funeral for Hadid's grandmother who died from complications due to cancer.  

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