Usher is breaking societal chains, and letting his sons free of the toxic notion that men can't be sensitive! The singer revealed how he allows safe space for his boys and lets them be emotional beings.

His latest single, aptly named "I Cry", explores a narrative that is often overlooked - one where toxic masculinity prevents men from allowing and learning to properly express their emotions.

Usher is honest about manhood with his sons

One of Usher's latest singles, "I Cry", discusses the important issue of the unrealistic expectation that boys must be consistently strong beings, never allowed to share their true feelings.

While appearing on WPGC 95.5 FM Radio Show, Usher revealed the inspiration for the song was sparked by one emotional conversation he shared with his sons, Naveid, 11, Usher V, 12, as they were watching an animated film.

"I'm not shy in terms of being honest with my kids about the fact that I didn't have a relationship with my father at all," Usher said. "And there was a moment between a son and a father, and it got to me. I started crying. So, my kids, they look over at me and they're like, 'Are you crying?!'"

"I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm crying!'" he continued. "They're like, 'You cry?!' I'm like, 'Yeah, I cry, and it's okay to cry.' And the beginning of the idea was born there."

Part of the lyrics to "I Cry" explores the topic of strained relationships, with lyrics like, "I cry / For the sons without fathers / And the pain that their mothers / Hold deep inside."

"My kids were at the front of my mind when I created it — it wasn't created in this time, but it's relevant to this time and will continue to be relevant as we move forward," Usher said.

"I would play [the song] for them later to make them understand that this is an important part of life — to have empathy," he continued.

Usher then went on to discuss how the song became more relevant as society started to shift towards more conversations around racial equality and fiscal equity amid the ongoing Coronavirus.

"When I listened and paid attention to what was going on in this time, I began to think, 'What thing can I offer to my kids, as well as to the world, that's gonna bring us closer?'" he explained.

"It is our ability to be able to empathize with each other and connect in this moment of understanding that a life being taken means more than you can ever imagine," Usher said, referring to the multiple videos surfacing of police brutality throughout the United States.

Usher also confirmed that he will be a father for a third time, as he is expecting his first child with his girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea.