• Vicky Pattison posts selfie with fiancé
  • Pattison seen looking completely fresh-faced
  • The star reflects on her recent getaway

Vicky Pattison recently shared a sweet new photo which shows a side of her we don't often see! While the star is often the picture of glamour, showing off various stunning looks, the outdoor selfie she shared on Instagram on Wednesday sees her looking much more natural.

Pattison and Ramadan have started planning wedding

Pattison is fresh-faced as she smiles brightly in the picture, which also features her fiancé Ercan Ramadan. The couple's dog Milo even makes an appearance! Pattison mentions in the caption that the selfie was taken at The Fish Hotel, which is a getaway in the Cotswolds, and went on to talk about the experience of her recent holiday.

Vicky Pattison shares a selfie with fiancé Ercan Ramadan and their dog Milo on April 13, 2022.

"The only *remotely* nice picture of the last couple days away," Pattison began her post. She joked that their dog "looks stoned" while she said she resembles "a sickly Victorian child suffering with cholera" and called Ramadan a "handsome knobhead". Even though the picture may not have turned out as perfectly as she had initially hoped, the photogenic couple still looks great together!

Also interesting:

Pattison admitted that her latest getaway "wasn't quite the relaxing and work free trip I had hoped for." However, she still found some positive things about it to focus on, such as how she and Ramadan have begun planning their wedding with the help of an organizer! She also revealed that she "ate a lot and didn't have to wear makeup for 3 days," which it sounds like she enjoyed!