Last night brought some awkward moments on Dancing With The Stars when Tyra Banks mixed up her cards telling her who was safe and who was not!

Despite the awkward moment, Banks kept a smile on her face and laughed it off while the mishap got sorted out! While the moment was confusing, in the end, it was sorted out, and Anne Heche said goodbye.

Tyra Banks mistakes the bottom two on DWTS

Monday night of Dancing With The Stars took a confusing turn when Tyra Banks announced the bottom two, while three couples remained on stage. In the end, it was Anne Heche that walked away empty-handed.

At the end of the show, Heche, Chrishell Stause, and Vernon Davis stood on the ballroom floor as Banks announced Heche and Davis were in the bottom.

"Anne and Keo and Vernon and Peta are in the bottom two," Banks said, before an awkward pause.

"There's actually been an error. I'm looking right now and we have three couples, so we need to clarify this for one second," she said. 

"The bottom two couples are Anne and Keo and Monica and Val," she clarified, referring to Monica Aldama.

Things got even more awkward when Banks had to call Monica back to the stage, saying, "Please come back. Please have Monica come back. There's been an error in our control room, but we're making it happen."

Banks tried to laugh it off, and said, "This is live TV, right? This is the craziness of live TV."

"This is live TV. I was reading my cards, but my cards were wrong," Banks said, while Monica walked back on stage. 

"So here we go. Okay, again, it's going to be up to the judges to save one of these couples and keep them in the competition. As always, if two of the judges are divided, the third judge will cast the deciding vote. And again, we apologize for this. This is live TV, and we're all human," she continued. 

In the end, it was Anne Heche that was eliminated, as both judges decided to save Monica. 

Dancing With The Stars airs every Monday on ABC. 

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