• Debra Messing is best known from 'Will & Grace'
  • Messing has many things occupying her time now
  • THIS is what Debra is doing these days

Debra Messing is an American actress and producer best known from the hit sitcom 'Will & Grace'. Her time as "Grace Adler" will always be part of television history and legend! Since the show's reboot wrapped in 2020, Debra has been trying to keep herself busy and on the go.

Go, Debra go!

In recent times, Debra has featured in several productions for the small screen and others. In 2021, she featured in the video documentary 'The War of the Worlds 2021'.

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In 2022, she also starred in '13: The Musical' which was well-received by critics and fans alike! That same year she also starred as herself in the indie film 'Bros'. Debra also has some upcoming projects in the works now...

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