Will & Grace first premiered in 1998 for 8 seasons and easily became one of the most successful series' with gay main cast members. The show was revived in 2017 for what was only supposed to be a short 10-episodes but the fans loved it so much it went on for 3 whole seasons! 

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Will & Grace Series Finale Ending

Alas, now the time has come to say goodbye for real this time. SPOILERS! Here is how we leave our beloved goofy crew:

Flamboyant "Jack" finally gets his opportunity to perform on Broadway (after 5 or 6 understudies can't make it!) and continues to live in his destiny marriage with "Estefan". 

Saucy "Karen" had been struggling to accept her divorce when she realized she still loved her ex. Finally, she is won over by her ex-husband "Stan" after he asks for a do-over marriage with a Tiffany box from a helicopter over the Statue of Liberty.

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"Will" hired a surrogate (played by Demi Lovato!) to have his baby after he and his ex "McCoy" broke up and made the big decision to raise his baby with pregnant best friend "Grace" in a home together outside the city. Luckily, "McCoy" and "Will" reunited when "McCoy" apologized for his commitment fears and is finally ready to have their "Happily ever after" together.

"Grace" is almost set to have her baby and is comforted knowing she will be raising him alongside her best friend and her best friend's daughter. The group is all together again and supporting each other's decisions and futures.

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When "Grace" finally goes into labor "Will" asked her "You're ready for this?" and she replied, "One hundred percent no."

"Will" perfectly answered "You're gonna be great. We are going to be great." The finale is quite the tear-jerker! We will miss this crazy crew!

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