Actor Will Smith and singer-songwriter Jason Derulo have the internet buzzing after Will posted a hilariously incriminating photo and video of an "accident" between the two of them. It looks as if Jason caused some nasty damage to Will Smith's front teeth and Will was not happy! Check out the video to decide for yourself if you think it's real or not...

Check Out How Jason Derulo Broke Will Smith's Front Teeth!

This is why you shouldn't play sports indoors. The "Ridin' Solo" singer Jason Derulo joined Will Smith for some fun indoor virtual golf. In the video, right as Jason is about to take a shot Will stepped in to help him adjust when Jason accidentally smashed his golf club into the handsome Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stars mouth! It looks painful and Will surveys the damage in the camera to find his two front teeth broken out!

Will also posted a photo of himself and Jason, supposedly after the unfortunate "accident" showing his hilariously altered smile. Neither of them has confirmed nor denied whether or not this was a prank or if it was real. Some fans are speculating it was in fact a prank because fun-loving Jason has been known to post prank videos before.

The video has received all kinds of reactions, many fans taking it as a joke while many others believe this may have really happened! After all, Will can afford to have the teeth fixed. What do YOU think?

Will Smith at the world premiere of 'Aladdin' in Hollywood, California in 2019. 
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