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Woody Allen's Controversial Marriage(s)

Woody Allen has been the center of controversy for years ever since he started a sexual relationship with his step-daughter Soon-Yi Previn while still maintaining a sexual relationship with wife Mia Farrow. Woody and Soon-Yi met when she was 8 years old and he became her step-father 2 years later when he married her mother.

The two had planned to keep their rendezvous a secret until The Great Gatsby star Mia Farrow found nude photos of Soon-Yi in her husband's possession. Shortly thereafter he declared his love for his 21-year old step-daughter and the two said their sexual relationship was a "gradual" build up.

Now 84-year old Annie Hall director Woody Allen and his 49-year old wife Soon-Yi, who are still very tight-lipped about the details, are opening up about their relationship while omitting truths many are curious to know. 

Woody Allen On His Marriage To Step-Daughter Soon-Yi

Woody spoke with the Mail on Sunday and said "I admit, it didn't make sense when our relationship started. On the surface, we looked like an irrational match. I was much older and she was an adopted kid." He fails to admit to when the relationship began exactly and that the "adopted kid" was his "adopted kid". 

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He went on to describe what he claimed his relationship with her was not, while failing to acknowledge what the public's true concerns were. "It looked to the outside world that it was an exploitative situation, that I would exploit her as an older predatory male, and she would exploit me for whatever I had. That was never the case. In the past, I had always gone out with actresses, but for whatever inexplicable reason, with Soon-Yi it worked."

No matter how questionable or amoral the start of the relationship was, Woody declares the relationship was worth it and has made him a better man saying "I have calmed down since I got married [to Soon-Yi, not her mother], I've got rid of many of my more neurotic traits, although I still won't go through tunnels and I don't like small spaces or elevators."

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The Midnight in Paris director declares that they may have differences in interests but their relationship has lasted this long because "We agree on the big stuff, raising kids, where to live, how to act with each other," and Soon-Yi "gets me to go out four or five times a week. She likes the social rumble and I enjoy it, too."

Woody has continued to deny the allegations of sexual abuse from his daughter Dylan Farrow and said "Of course I am aware I am the subject of gossip and scandal, but I cannot let it bother me."