• Zendaya launches new magazine
  • Along with her stylist
  • Best marketing ploy 

Zendaya and Law Roach are at it again, folks! This time, they're not just gracing red carpets with their impeccable style; they're revolutionizing the way we see film promotion with the launch of 'Challengers Magazine.' And guess who's on the cover? None other than "Tashi Duncan," Zendaya's character in the much-anticipated film, 'Challengers'.

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Glamour unleashed: Zendaya shines in 'Challengers' magazine

The cover is nothing short of spectacular, featuring Zendaya in a stunning champagne gown by Annie Ibiza, complemented by Christian Louboutin pumps and dazzling Bulgari jewels. It's clear from the get-go that this isn't just any magazine; it's a fashion statement.

Photographed by Anthony Prince Leslie, each page of the magazine is a testament to Law Roach's genius as a stylist and now, 'Challengers' magazine's global fashion director. From a sequined lime green dress by Hui to a Cinderella-esque blue gown by Vivienne Westwood, Zendaya's looks are a feast for the eyes.

Tennis, anyone?

But it's not all about the clothes. One page features a thought-provoking quote from "Tashi": "If you think that tennis is about expressing yourself and doing your thing, then you don’t know what it is." Paired with a Meruert Tolegen skirt set and a vintage Bulgari necklace, it's clear that this magazine melds fashion with the film's themes seamlessly.

Zendaya's last outfit, a nod to the tennis core trend, features a Longchamp bomber jacket and biker shorts, once again paired with those iconic Louboutin pumps. It's a fitting end to a magazine that's as much about style as it is about substance.

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