• Adriana Lima was at an event
  • She looked great
  • But everyone was fixated on her face

Adriana Lima (42) attended the premiere of the new 'Hunger Games' film with her family. Afterwards, she had to put up with a lot of hate and negativity.

Adriana Lima: "Face of a tired mom"

Social media users noticed the model's altered face in Adriana's new pictures. "I wouldn't have thought it was the same person," wrote one user. Another speculated: "Lima not only had her fox eyes done, but also her nose". "Lima not only had her fox eyes done, but also her nose," commented another.

However, Adriana Lima is fighting back against body shaming. In her Instagram story, she posted a picture showing her without make-up. The former Victoria's Secret model also wrote: 

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Which model do you see in this picture?

"The face of a tired mom of a teenager, two pre-teens, a one year old son who is learning to walk and three dogs. Thank you for your interest".

Hate comments or not. Adriana Lima is still one of the most most beautiful women in the world.