• Emma Hernan shares hot new photoshoot
  • Hernan appears on the cover of City Life
  • She shares life advice with her followers

Emma Hernan is sure having a moment in the spotlight! The reality star recently took to Instagram to share pictures of her all dolled up for a special photoshoot for City Life magazine, and she looks absolutely stunning!

Hernan poses in revealing black dress

Hernan can be seen reclining in a yellow chair while wearing a black dress, which features sparkles across it arranged in a sash-like style. With her hair and makeup fully done and showing some cleavage, her look is undeniably hot. However, the real eye-catcher here comes in the second photo! Lifting up some of the fabric from her dress, Hernan gives an alluring look to the camera as she shows off her gorgeous long legs, toned to perfection.

The Selling Sunset beauty commented on how the cover of the magazine mentions that she lives by the "YOLO Mantra". She said that she frequently gets asked for life advice, and gave her Instagram followers some words of wisdom! "I think if there’s one big take away from this crazy world we all live in," Hernan shared, "it is to honestly to live your life like each day is your last day, and do whatever makes you happy."

Also interesting:

Hernan has had several big professional successes lately. Not only are things going well when it comes to the real estate market, as she's currently listing a multimillion dollar house, but she's successfully broken into another industry. Last month, Hernan shared pics of her wearing an amazing checkered outfit while revealing that her grocery products are hitting shelves at Costco! Hopefully her career continues to boom in 2022!