• Julia Fox shocks again 
  • She turns heads with her latest look
  • Fox wears hairy nude print underwear 

Underneath a seemingly conservative navy blazer paired with a white, sheet-like mullet skirt, Fox revealed an outfit that can only be described as daringly provocative. The centerpiece? A bra featuring a faux hairy boob complete with a nipple and matching panties emblazoned with a sewn-up vagina and the word "closed." This bold choice is not just fashion for the sake of it but a continuation of Fox's narrative on feminism, empowerment, and self-love.

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A bold statement in feminist fashion

Fox has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion, turning her body into a canvas for what she describes as feminist performance art. From sheer saran wrap dresses to giant fuzzy monster feet boots, her outfits are a statement, a rebellion against the norm. This latest look in LA is no exception, embodying her stance on not dating or engaging sexually with men as a form of empowering self-love. Fox's fashion history is a testament to her love for the experimental and the unconventional. Her appearances, ranging from a minuscule chain bra at New York Fashion Week to pasties instead of a bra, have solidified her reputation as an iconoclast in the fashion world. Her penchant for integrating hair into her looks, including shoes made out of hair extensions, highlights her commitment to the "unhinged" aesthetic she aims for."I'm not going for sexy. I'm going for unhinged," Fox stated in an interview with 'W magazine.' By her standards, her latest outfit is not just a success but a roaring declaration of her individuality and belief in the power of self-expression through fashion.

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