• Ashley Graham heats up her followers
  • She poses completely naked
  • Here you can see almost everything

Ashley Graham's (35) new Insta-Pic is really eye-catching! She poses almost completely naked as you can see in the video.

Ashley Graham completely nude on Instagram

The American model is always dressed in revealing clothes, but this time not a piece of fabric made it onto her body. Only a beige bag from Etro covers her intimate areas.

With her hands over her breasts, Ashley appears to be posing in a hotel room. Elegant make-up and long braided hair complete the look.

Also interesting:

"How is she not a goddess..." or "This isn't the Slay we wanted, it's the Slay we NEEDED' it said in the comments below.

The other pictures are snapshots from behind the scenes of the Oscars red carpet. There she was also in a mega revealing look.