• Ashley Graham is a curvy model
  • Graham looks super sexy posing
  • She posted new topless pics

At 36, Ashley Graham commands the world's most prestigious catwalks, effortlessly flaunting ensembles from today's most coveted designers. Occasionally, she seamlessly transitions these high-fashion looks into her private life, as evidenced by her latest Instagram post. Providing intimate insights, Graham shares glimpses of her personal style, blurring the lines between runway glamour and everyday chic.

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Ashley Graham in a hot look

Currently in Paris, the mother of three swiftly transformed a hotel balcony into a impromptu photo studio. Across seven captivating pictures, she effortlessly captivates the camera, exuding undeniable sexiness. One candid snapshot from this series offers a glimpse into her more private moments, as she indulges in a burger and a soft drink, adding a touch of relatable charm to her glamorous persona.

Graham's ensemble commands attention, featuring a striking winter jacket adorned with a leopard print, paired effortlessly with a chic black skirt. Adding a touch of glamour, she completes the look with golden high heels featuring a leaf pattern. Notably, the model opts to forgo a bra, resulting in her breasts being prominently visible in some of the photos.

Thousands of followers express their enthusiasm in the comments section under the Instagram post, praising Graham's bold style and undeniable confidence."Beautiful style", "so fierce" or "Ashley is just so damn beautiful" are just a few of the countless compliments.

Ashley Graham has a history of confidently showcasing more revealing looks on Instagram, and it's likely this won't be the last time she does so. Her bold approach to self-expression consistently captivates her audience and keeps them eagerly anticipating her next stunning post.

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